3 Caves for Spelunking in Croatia


Speleology is alive and thriving in the caves of Croatia. Here are the 3 most popular tourist locations.

3 Caves for Spelunking in Croatia

Croatia is home to many weird and wonderful caves, and all are worthy of exploration. If ever you have the opportunity to broaden your adventures and visit more of Croatia’s caves, then you should take it, but if you have to settle for one or two, these are the ones we recommend.


Blue Grotto (Biševo)

The Blue Grotto is cave filled with seawater from the Balun Bay. At midday, the sun shines through an opening in the cave ceiling and causes the water to appear like it’s glowing. The Blue Grotto can be found on the Eastern side of the BiÅ¡evoand island.


Dragon’s Cave

Named for the carving of a dragon inside the cave, Dragon’s Cave was once a Glagolitic Temple. The cave bears four halls with carvings of angels, the moon, and more. It’s believed that bodies of the dead were brought here to be embalmed. It can be found near the village of Murvica.



The entrance to this cave is hidden by a stone structure. The cave extends 12 metres below the surface and is known for its collection of stalagmites and stalactites. The cave has been used for musical performances due to its large hall. It can be found in the village of Rudine.


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