3 Religious Sites to See in Jordan


Jordan has an intriguing religious history.In fact, many of the miracles we have learned about happened at one of Jordan’s religious sites.

3 Religious Sites to See in Jordan

For someone trying to extend their cultural and religious knowledge, Jordan is the place to go. Known as a place of spiritual enrichment, the differing religions in Jordan are respected and accepted. If you want to connect to Jordan in a spiritual way, we recommend you visit one of these three sites.


Bethany Beyond the Jordan

On the eastern shore of the Jordan River, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. In 1996, archaeologists found artifacts such as pottery and coins that date back to the 5th century when a Byzantine Monastery once stood.


Lot’s Cave

After the destruction of Sodom, and when Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt, Lot and his daughters fled to this cave to seek refuge. A Christian monastery was later built around the cave by Byzantine Christians.



The Wadi Musa spring in Petra is known as the place where Moses struck the rock to call upon the water. Mount Hor, Petra is also the burial place of Aaron – brother of Moses and attracts many visitors from all over the world.

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