5 Egyptian Temples you Must See


Egypt has a great reputation for its sightseeing adventures – the possibilities are practically endless! The temples of Egypt are only a small part of the wonders the land offers. Here are our top 5 recommendations.

5 Egyptian Temples you Must See

Medinet Habu

The second largest temple in Egypt is a well-preserved structure in the western part of Luxor. The temple is actually the combination of the temple of Amun, Ramesses III, and the Pharaohs Tutmosis III and Hatshepsut, encased in brick. It also includes living spaces and storerooms.


Temple of Kom Ombo

This Ptolemaic temple is actually two duplicate temples. Inside, you will discover that the structure had two halls, two courts, two sanctuaries, and other twin features. The Temple of Kom Ombo sits on top of a dune where the view of the Nile is uninhibited.


Philae Temples

Once situated on the island of Philae, the temple was relocated to the island of Agilika in the 1960’s to save it from being submerged – along with the island – under the rising waters of the Nile. The temple took over 300 years to complete.


Temple of Hatshepsut

The Temple of Hatshepsut was used for funeral rituals of the ruler Hatshepsut, upon her death in the mid 1400’s, and worship of Amun. Built into the steep face of a cliff, it’s easy to see the three levels surrounded in colonnades. The area around the ramps once contained lush gardens.


Karnak Temple

Arguably the most interesting of all the temples in Egypt, Karnak Temple was built over the course of several generations. It is not one, but several temples, including the popular Hypostyle Hall which still bears its impressive columns, despite the degree of ruin of the site.


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