5 Memorable Destinations in Peru

Peru carries with it a rich heritage and a diverse culture that you can explore by visiting these 5 prime locations.

5 Memorable Destinations in Peru


It only takes a glance at the wondrous temples and shrines around Lima to understand why the city became known as the City of Kings. The capital of Peru was long-revered as a wealthy city and in a prime location near the sea.

Today, the history of Lima is still a strong focal point for travellers, as many flock to the city to study the nature of the land rich with mountain ranges, vegetation and desert area, as well as the islands and sea.

Lima’s population is rather diverse, allowing for many different cultures to connect. There is so much to do in Lima, whether you’re there for the history, or for the hopping nightlife.


Arequipa is best known for El Misti Volcano, which has been dormant since its last eruption in 1985. Aptly named, the colossal mountain is usually surrounded in smoke at its summit, adding to its natural beauty.

Not to be overwhelmed by the great volcano, the city adds its own character to the area, with streets laid out in white sillar stone – a production of the volcano’s eruptions – and buildings to match. During your stay in the city, you’ll have the opportunity to view such infamous structures like the Santa Catalina Convent, the Cathedral of Arequipa, and colonial mansions. A trip to one of the several museums will take you on a journey through Peru’s history, and identify some of the key elements of Arequipa, today.

Colca Valley

If scenery is your passion, the you need to make a trip to the Colca Valley. With a range of snow-topped volcanoes, canyons, winding rivers and lakes, and pathways through the mountains, it’s a hiker’s dream vacation.

The Colca Valley is lush in vegetation and rich in wildlife, such as the elusive condor and the cousin to the llama Рthe vicu̱a.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hiking experience, consider taking the trail from Cabanaconde to Tapay, which can take up to 3 days to complete, but is full of amazing landscapes and impressive ruins.

Machu Picchu

The Inca Citadel is one of the prime attractions for tourists visiting Cuzco. Tucked away secretly into the Machu Picchu mountain, the citadel is believed to have been an observatory to study the planets, as well as a place of worship and safety.

The stone path to Machu Picchu and the citadel stretches 43 kilometers and is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Americas. You can expect up to 4 days of hiking to reach the mountain, but guaranteed the landscape will be worth it.


Nestled by the shores of the beautiful Lake Titicaca is the city of Puno – one of few that surround the lake. If you stand on the shorelines, you can see the culture of the people of Puno as they set out early in their reed rafts to fish. Boats are available for hire if you wish to set out on the lake and explore it, yourself.

The islands on the lake are known for being very different from one another in terms of culture, tribes, and architecture. The stone structures at Sillustani strike a fine contrast to the reed huts built by the inhabitants of Uros.

If you are appreciative of the arts, the city of Puno boasts a wide variety of mestizi art in the structures within the city. During the year, there are several festivals you can take part in, if you’re looking for celebration. Despite your reason for visiting, the locals will welcome you and make you feel like you belong.

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