5 Places to Get Portuguese Cuisine While in Portugal

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Have you ever visited another country, only to find it nearly impossible to find a restaurant in the area that serves the local cuisine? With more and more international foods becoming popularized globally, it seems authenticity is beginning to lose its strength, but fear not! We’ve found 5 places in Portugal where you can taste traditional Portuguese food.

5 Places to Get Portuguese Cuisine While in Portugal

The basics of Portuguese cuisine

What makes food in Portugal authentic? Unfortunately, the simple act of preparing food while in Portugal does not make it “Portuguese”. There are specific elements that Portuguese cuisine is famous for.

Similar to Mediterranean cuisine, Portugal incorporates a lot of spices into the recipes. Some of the more popular spices include various types of peppers, cinnamon, saffron, and vanilla. More modern Portuguese dishes can even include curry.


As a nation of the sea, Portugal’s seafood industry is one of its most common, and some of its more popular recipes use cod, sardines, lamprey, and a variety of crustaceans and shellfish.


Meats have only really become popularized in the modern age, being too costly for the meagre purses of the common folk of the middle ages. Tripe was a cheap “meat” and , therefore, eaten as often as possible. It is still one of Portugal’s traditional dishes.  Luckily, poultry, pork and red meats are widely available today.


So where can one go to sample the delicacies of Portugal?
Here are 5 top spots you should check out:


Travessa Amoreiras ao Rato,
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 388 5376
Estrada Vale do Lobo
Quinta do Lago
8135 Almancil, Portugal
+351 28 939 452
8201-917 – Albufeira
Algarve, Portugal
+351 28 959 1795
Rua Passos Manuel, 142
4000-382 Porto, Portugal
+351 22 200 1079
Venda Nova 8300-054 Silves, Portugal
 +351 28 244 3308

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