All Aboard the Deccan Odyssey for Adventures in India

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Have you seen everything there is to see in the great land of India? Probably not! Set out on the rails of India aboard the luxurious Deccan Odyssey to see the wonders of the land.

All Aboard the Deccan Odyssey for Adventures in India


Imagine travelling as a member of India’s royal family – that’s the kind of service and luxury you can expect when you board the Deccan Odyssey for an 8-day tour of India. The coaches are spacious and comfortable, and there are suites you can book that have twin or full-size beds.


Some of the other coaches you can visit during your journey include:

  • 2 dining cars with gourmet-style fare
  • A bar car
  • A conference car
  • A spa car
  • A lounge car with TV and cable service


The tour will carry you from Mumbai, to Goa, Kolhapur, Nasik, and back, with a few other stops along the way. Each day brings you a new experience as you get off the train to visit popular tourist sites and beaches, take a trip into the past, to do a little shopping, and much more.


To book your adventure, call +91 22 2283 6690 or send an email to info@mtdcdeccanodyssey.com
To learn more about the Deccan Odyssey and view an itinerary, visit the official website.

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