Appreciating the Art of the Peruvian Dancers


Dance is a vital element of the Peruvian culture. If you can plan your trip during one of Peru’s festivals so you can see the beauty of the dance for yourself.

For over 10,000 years, the Peruvian people have engaged in music and dance as part of their culture. While musical instruments have evolved from their bone and seashell origins, the dance continues to stay true to its heritage.

Some types of Peruvian dance have become popularized internationally, but to really appreciate the art, one needs to watch it displayed with the rustic Peruvian backdrop that ties the dance together perfectly with its surroundings.

When in Peru, you should take the opportunity to watch some professional dancers. While you can usually find an event hosting the dance, the best time to go is during the any of their several annual festivals.

professional dancers


While this dance symbolizes sensuality and desire, the dancers never come into contact with each other. The music and moves are joyful and exhilarating.


This dance mimics the courting rituals of old, as the dancers move in meticulously choreographed steps, a handkerchief clutched in their hands.

Danza de las Tijeras

The “scissor dance” was often used as a test of physical strength and dexterity, combining amazing feats and alarming rituals such as sword swallowing.

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