Avoiding Legal Problems While Visiting Peru


It’s easy to get yourself in trouble while in a foreign country if you don’t know the laws. Peru has a few restrictions that many travellers aren’t aware of.

Avoiding Legal Problems While Visiting Peru

Most laws are pretty standard around the world, and these are common-sense legalities regarding conduct, safety, and preservation of the land. You can’t steal items from a clothing shop in Canada, and you can’t do it in Peru … simple basic law.


Each country, however, comes with it’s own little rule-book. Peru’s laws are fairly standard and easy to follow … if you know what they are.

For example, did you know it’s against the law to pick some types of flowers? They fall under the protected plants and animals law. Here is a short list of laws you should know about before you head to Peru.

  • It is illegal to take photos of airports
  • It is illegal to take photos of military bases
  • It is illegal to take photos of police stations
  • It is illegal to take photos of electric towers
  • It is illegal to bring cameras or video cameras into many churches and museums (inquire before entering)
  • It is illegal to export original works of cultural art and artifacts – avoid buying them, as you won’t be able to take them with you when you leave
  • As it is illegal to transport drugs, it is highly advisable that you do not accept packages from strangers who ask you to transport anything for them
  • It is illegal to trap, kill, or injure protected animal species; it is also illegal to export them, so avoid buying them from private vendors (this includes anything made from these animals such as clothing or jewellery)
  • It is illegal to pick or damage protected plant species; like animals, it is also illegal to export them, so ask whether or not an item was created using protected plant product before buying (use your common-sense, though, as not all vendors will be honest)
  • Avoid getting involved in public protests

These laws are for the benefit of Peru, but there are also laws to protect you – the traveller. Pay attention to postings when entering any building, and read brochures that are given to you when accessing popular tourist sites.


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