Camping Along Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

Camping is camping no matter where you go – the tents or trailers set up at a lakeside, the crackling evening fires, and the feeling of “oneness” with nature is all the same. However, a camping expedition along Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast offers new scenery, and many great discoveries.

Camping Along Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Bulgaria has many beautiful natural parks with on-site camping facilities that include hiking trails for exploration and the option to set up camp in a new location each day. However, to really appreciate Bulgaria, the Black Sea Coast is the place to go.

There are several campsites along the coast that are set up for your convenience … bring along a tent, or rent a camping trailer and camp along the stunning beaches of Smokinya, or Silistar.

The shores of Arapya create the perfect backdrop for watching the sun set next to a warm campfire. If you’re looking to tuck away in a forest area, head out towards Durankulak or the Kamchia River, where you can envelop yourself in the richness of Bulgaria’s natural forest ceiling under the open stars.

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