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What You Should Know Before Entering Spain

Being prepared for your trip can mean the difference between the vacation of a lifetime and a holiday disaster. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your visit to Spain. Spain is a popular vacation destination, but to avoid having your holiday turn into a bad trip, there are things you should prepare

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Why Peru is the Place for Corporate Events

Peru has many advantages to offer a business team before, after, and during your event. As Peru sits centre of the Pacific Coast in South America, it becomes a pivotal area for conducting international business. Not only does Peru provide optimal resources, it is also a low-cost option compared to other places in South America.

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GM Tours Offers Tour With Award-Winning Photographer

Canadian photographer Mark Zelinski will host a photography tour of India and Bhutan     Read the article posted on Travel

Entering Israel: Is Your Passport Ready?

Does your passport contain the information it needs to allow you entry into Israel? You might be surprised!     Any traveller knows that a valid passport is required for entering (and exiting) a country. Many countries have their own particular rules about what constitutes a “valid passport”, and if other documents are needed. To

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Tips for Avoiding Petty Crime in Spain

When you’re in “holiday mode”, you may not realize how much you’ve let your guard down. Visiting any country has its dangers, and Spain is no different. Here are a few tips that will ensure your holiday doesn’t become a bad memory. Spain is an amazing destination for relaxation, experiential travel, and for making lasting

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Voluntourism in Jordan: Plan a Trip, Make a Difference

“Voluntourism” is the new word in vacation planning. It means offering your time to a worthy cause while experiencing the wonders of the world around you. If you’re planning a trip, but not quite sure how to get the most out of your vacation time, consider doing volunteer work. There are many ways you can

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