Category: River or Ocean Cruises

Ride a Boat Down the Duoro River Valley

The beautiful lands of Portugal are second only to the sparkling waters of many rivers and lakes. The Douro River offers a pleasant afternoon of sailing and exploration. The River Douro, which is the third longest river in the Iberian Peninsula at nearly 900 kilometres, spans from Spain to Porto and, over time, has created

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Spotlight on Viking’s Orient

The Viking Mekong was built in 2014 to give adventure lovers a cruise through the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. It is a cruise ship with English speaking crew, hotel-like amenities and sleek contemporary design that would put the likes of Titanic to shame. The ship is literally a hotel on water. The Viking Mekong was

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Discover Morocco’s 4 Ports While Cruising the Atlantic Coast

If you want a vacation that combines the luxury of an ocean cruise with the excitement of exploring another country, consider a Moroccan cruise along the Atlantic Coast! The Atlantic Ocean runs along the coast of Morocco which is famous for its 4 ports – Agadir, Casablanca, Safi, and Tangier. Each port is accessible by land,

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