Celebrate La Asuncion in Spain


The national Spanish holiday of La Asuncion is celebrated every August 15th. The events and celebrations throughout the land are legendary.

Celebrate La Asuncion in Spain

While August 15th is the official date for La Asuncion – or, Feast of the Assumption – the celebrations generally begin on the 11th, offering events and parades in commemoration of the Virgin Mary’s ascent into Heaven. Scenes from the Passion are played out in elaborate parade floats and costumed citizens.

Easily one of the busiest times of year, the festivities tend to coincide with other festivals causing a calendar veritably bursting with things to do.


Interesting Fact: As part of the celebration, people are dressed in white robes with pointed hats – the symbol which has been negatively adopted by the Ku Klux Klan.

Christians from around the world flock to Spain each year to join in the celebrations, but you don’t have to be a Christian to get caught up in the joy and togetherness of the event.


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