Celebrate the Wine and Dödölle Festival in Nagykanizsa

Gross Kanischa, Nk, Hungary

One of Hungary’s greatest culinary events, the Wine and Dödölle Festival brings together more than just foodies.

Celebrate the Wine and Dödölle Festival in Nagykanizsa

When it comes to bringing people together over food and wine, Hungary has it covered. Each year holds a celebration of wines originating from the Zala region, and the appreciation of one of Hungary’s traditional foods – dödölle. While dödölle goes back many generations, it is a food that symbolizes hope and strength, having been an inexpensive meal for poor families. The main ingredient – potatoes – were grown right in the gardens.

To commemorate the dish, the festival brings together community and foreign visitors to delight in live performances of theatre and music. You can also stroll through the fairgrounds and appreciate the many arts you’ll find there.


While admission is free, there is a “cash only” policy for purchases. The event for 2013 is being held in the Hevesi Sándor Cultural Center in Nagykanizsa on September 6 at 10:00 AM through September 7.

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