Croatia: 5 Must-See Sites


Croatia is a treasure-chest of discoveries, from it’s imposing structures to the cultural intricacies that define the country. While there is a lot to see, there are some things that you should put on the top of your travel plans … we’ve listed 5 must-see sites for you.

Croatia: 5 Must-See Sites


One of Zagreb’s defining sites is the Cathedral. In the gothic style, the Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia, with it’s spires reaching 108 meters high.


Hrvatsko Zagorje

Veliki Tabor Castle is the one site everyone should see while in Hrvatsko Zagorje. This medieval fortress-turned-museum has many exhibits of medieval weaponry, pottery, art, and even has on display the skull of  Veronika of Desinić who was murdered for the crime of falling in love with the son of the count. Her body was buried within the walls of the pentagonal tower and discovered in 1982.



Late Romanesque style intermingled with Gothic elements create the elegance of the Franciscan Friary (aka Franciscan Monastery). Its intricate cloisters are surrounded with double columns topped in sculptures and even feature a 15th century fountain in the centre of a peaceful garden.



The Trogir Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, boasts a triple-naved basilica of Gothic and Romanesque Origins. It’s design is inspired by the cultures spanning 4 centuries from 1213 to the 1600’s. The Cathedral’s bell tower is still known today as a monumental part of the city.



Built by the Roman emperor Diocletian in the beginning of the 4th century, Diocletian’s Palace is made of marble, limestone, and brick and displays three 3500-year-old Sphinx statues that once belonged to the Pharaoh of Egypt, Thutmose III. Many more used to adorn the palace, but only these three have survived the years, though one is missing a head.


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