Discover Ancient Roman Culture in Villa Armira, Bulgaria

The ancient monuments left by the Roman Empire had been lost in time for centuries – until builders came across some interesting artifacts in the mid 1960’s.

Discover Ancient Roman Culture in Villa Armira, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s archaeological finds are evidence that the country was once part of the Roman Empire. The first proof of this was the remnants of a building uncovered in the Rhodope Mountains during construction of a dam in 1964. The villa that was found dates back to the late 1st century CE and showed beautiful marble decor and remarkable mosaics across the floors. It was discovered that the 2-storey building covered about 3600 square meters of land. Though the upper floor was no longer intact, 22 separate rooms were found in the first floor, alone.


It is the flawless marble tiling and mosaics that attract most visitors to the villa. Impressive as remains, one could only guess at the wonder of seeing the marble-lined walls when the structure was still young. The mosaics covered every floor area and displayed the recognizable patterns of the Age of Antiquity. In the room that is believed to have been the master bedroom lies a mosaic that depicts the family who once called the impressive structure “home”.


Armira Villa stood strong for nearly three centuries, until it was plundered and burnt down in the late 4th century CE, when the goths defeated the Roman Empire and its army.

To visit the actual site is a great cultural experience, but many of the artifacts and fragments of mosaic and marble can be seen at the National History Museum in Sofia.

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