Djerba: Diamond of the Sea

Djerba is an island that sits in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Tunisia. Known for its sandy white beaches and sparkling aquamarine waters, this little island is a veritable paradise for anyone searching for a relaxing beach getaway.

Diamond of the Sea

Having had influences from the Greek, Italians, and Spanish throughout its history, it’s easy to find structures and details of each civilization harmoniously blending in together to create the beautiful island home that is Djerba. The island is known for its pottery. Over the centuries, people of Djerba have perfected the art of pottery and you can purchase it in the Houmt Souk, where vendors display their masterpieces among with the vendors selling other treasures such as spices, silks, and souvenirs.

1366716433_large pottery


The thing that pulls in the tourists, however, are the beaches. You can lay in the sun with the heat of the summer sands on your back, or cool off in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Water sports are available as well, if you want to try snorkelling or diving. When the heat gets to be too much, there are shelters on the beach where you can sit in the shade with the breeze of the sea on your face and enjoy a nice lunch.

shelters on the beach


As evening falls, stick around for a perfect end to a perfect day with the beauty of the unmarred sunset across the Mediterranean Sea.

unmarred sunset


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