Ecotourism in Kenya: Protecting Africa’s Resources


Many areas of the world are now participating in ecotourism. Kenya has many eco-friendly resources that don’t require you to sacrifice an enjoyable vacation.

Ecotourism in Kenya: Protecting Africa's Resources

Kenya is home to many of Africa’s endangered species, and the link between environment and tourism has a great impact on the welfare of Kenya’s wildlife. That’s why Kenya participates in ecotourism – a strategy that allows the balance of nature and the needs of tourists to coincide without damaging the environment.

The mission of Kenya’s ecotourism organization is simple:

To effectively link tourism, communities and conservation for sustainable tourism development in Kenya

Their goal is met by offering programs to educate and train tourism enterprises on the standards and practices that are essential to maintaining eco-friendly travel options and resources.

You can help the cause by educating yourself on the guidelines of ecotourism, such as staying at eco-friendly hotels, participating in activities that don’t leave a mark on the earth and its inhabitants, and taking advantage of recycling stations and reducing waste.

To start you off, here are a few eco-friendly accommodations in Kenya that we recommend:

  1. Kizingo, Lamu Island
  2. Ol Donyo Lodge
  3. Murera Springs Eco Lodge

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Image source: https://www.facebook.com/eguidetravel