Explore the Underwater World with SCUBAFISH Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Are you intrigued by sea life and the many wonders of the underwater world? Make sure you register for an underwater adventure in the Mnemba Atoll with SCUBAFISH Zanzibar!

Explore the Underwater World with SCUBAFISH Zanzibar

SCUBAFISH Zanzibar takes you into the depths of aquatic life to see a variety of beautifully coloured fish, dolphins, barracudas, sharks, and more!

With a fully qualified Scubapro technician, you can dive in without worrying about whether or not you’re safe – all the diving equipment is checked over thoroughly, from mask to regulator, before use. If you’re unfamiliar with diving, no problem – SCUBAFISH Zanzibar has a team of friendly instructors and guides to help you along.
One thing that makes SCUBAFISH Zanzibar a safe choice for diving is the limited number of a group to be taken down at a time. Rather than trying to secure the safety of several amatuer divers, the dive masters take down ony a few at a time, thereby promising the diver ease and enjoyment as they study the animal and plant life under water.
Not only do instructors offer a quick diving course, but they also have more comprehensive courses that can last for up to 4 days – perfect for the serious diving amateur, and a great refresher for veteran divers.
Get ready to explore the depths of the magificent coral gardens tht go down to 25 meters, or tackle the Big Wall, which boasts a depth of a whopping 40 meters. There are 10 dive sites to choose from, so you can try a new site every day!
Don’t worry about leaving the kids behind – SCUBAFISH Zanzibar has courses designed for children, too (8 years+).
Equipment rental is only $15/day, and courses aren’t free, but you can choose your course ranging in price from $25 for a refresher, or up to $550 if you are interested in the Rescue Diver & EFR course.

SCUBAFISH Zanzibar is open between 8AM and 5PM and can be contacted at:
+255 (0)772 730368
+255 (0)779 111888
E-mail: info@scubafishzanzibar.com

Book your trip to Zanzibar and take advantage of SCUBAFISH Zanzibar today!