Find Family Fun in Aragón

Aragon, Spain

Aragón has several leisure and theme parks, and even more diverse culture throughout the land. With these kinds of options, it’s no wonder that it is becoming such a popular family vacation spot.

Find Family Fun in Aragón

Dinosaurs still roam the earth in Aragón, and you can see them in Dinopolis in Teruel. Follow the tunnel back in time to when the great lizards owned the land. During the tour, you will  be entertained by 3D images, projections, and virtual reality recreations. The game zone offers children an open source for exploration while they learn.

You will come across areas where plays and workshops are being held and you can travel in a real coal mine cart further down the mine shaft to learn some mining history. Let your kids play miner for a day.

At the centre of the Pyrenees, you can take your family on a walk through the forest area to discover local wildlife. Some of the animals you can expect to see there include wolves, bison, lynx, and wild horses.

The Piedra Monastery is a peaceful place. It’s great garden and beautiful waterfalls make it a veritable oasis in the desert. You can also find the Cistercian Monastery in the area – an ancient place with a few interesting secrets.

If you’re looking for exciting family fun, the theme park in Zaragoza won’t disappoint. Hop on a roller coaster or take a hair-raising stroll through the house of horrors. There are almost 40 rides available to keep your family entertained.


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