Finding Emergency Service in Croatia


Finding yourself in an emergency situation while in another country can be terrifying if you don’t know where to turn for help. Croatia has a designated emergency service number that can get you the help you need quickly.

Finding Emergency Service in Croatia

Anyone in the Americas knows the convenience of dialing three simple digits for emergency service – 9-1-1. It cuts back significantly on time spent searching for a phone number in a phone book or online. Even looking through your phone’s speed-dial can take away crucial seconds if you have a long directory. Best of all – it’s so easy to remember.

Fortunately, many other countries have employed the use of this 3-digit emergency service system, and Croatia is one of them. All you need to do is remember 3 numbers for the security of knowing that help is easy to find. So what are those 3 numbers?

This number is available 24 hours and services the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, at no cost to you. There is also the benefit of speaking to someone in the language of your choosing such as English, Czech, German, Italian, Hungarian, and Slovakian.

So, when should you use 1-1-2?

The term “emergency” can be quite loose for many people. Running out of gas on the highway does not constitute an emergency, but being involved in a car accident does. This perception can be misconstrued for some people, so there’s a basic guideline to follow … use 1-1-2 if:

  • medical assistance is needed for severe and life-threatening injuries or illness,
  • the police are needed to deal with a crime in progress ,
  • there is a fire,
  • you notice the presence of dangerous substances leaking into the ground and in/near water supplies; or,
  • you or someone else requires emergency rescue service.

You will need to have as much information as possible for the operator – the more you can tell them, the better they can decide the urgency of your case. Be prepared to provide:

  • your name
  • the nature of the incident,
  • what time the incident occurred,
  • where the incident occurred,
  • if there are any injured or ill people, and how severe they are; and,
  • what kind of help you’re looking for (fire, ambulance, etc)

While the emergency service line is free for use, it doesn’t cover your medical costs or hospitalization. Be sure to get covered with RBC Insurance before you head out.

Hopefully, you never have to take advantage of this free public service, but knowing you have it can ensure that you enjoy your vacation, knowing everything is taken care of.

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