Get a Whole New Level of Underwater Fun with the BladeFish Seajet

Get a Whole New Level of Underwater Fun with the BladeFish Seajet

Get one of the best travel companions when snorkeling with our featured travel gadget of the day.

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Get a graceful and gentle tour of the coral reefs underwater with the 2.5mph speed provided by the BladeFish Seajet. This $466-worth of travel gadget will propel you underwater for a maximum of 40 minutes, just enough time to get all the fun and amazement that the marine biodiversity has to offer.

Get more info on the BladeFish Seajet in this review excerpt written by Martin Regtien of

The weight of the BF 5000 was hardly felt on the walk down to the beach and the first thing we tested was the buoyancy. Near neutral is a good description as it will float quite happily. Officially it is slightly negative buoyant but it also comes with two small floats which attach to the handles for extra buoyancy when you are snorkeling… What followed was probably the most fun I’ve had testing out a gadget in a long time! Using the Bladefish is very intuitive and when you pretend to be a seal you will develop all the graces of one when you steer the Bladefish around the coral. Soon my wife indicated that she wanted to join in the fun and we were both hanging off the BF 5000! Yes, this seajet has enough power to pull us both through the water….

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