Get on an Exciting Bulgarian Adventure on the Rhodopes

Sofia, Bulgaria

With only a fourth of Rhodopes lying in Greece, you might want to get a Bulgarian holiday instead if you really want to see the most exciting activities available on this mountain range.


A wealth of culture is boasted by the Rhodopes, and this can be seen in the conventional Bulgarian architecture being incorporated into the scenic towns, medieval palaces, monasteries and cathedrals that dot historical Thracian destinations like Tatul, Perperikon and Belintash.

Nevertheless, this mountain range also offers a number of adrenaline-pumping activity for the adventure junkie, and this is what Daily Mail UK Travel correspondent Peter Duncan did during a holiday in the Bulgarian territory of the Rhodopes (“The Land of Monks and Honey: Bewitched by Bulgaria’s Rhodopes Mountains”).

Here’s a quick excerpt of his recent travel to the Rhodopes:
If you like hiking with the intention of reaching an exceptional viewpoint, then the platform above the village of Yagodina is the peak to head for. The platform was built by the villagers and hangs over the edge of a cliff… The view of the gorge and the meandering river below is thrilling and the best way to experience the Rhodopes mountains. Later that day we reached the village of Shiroka Laka which, as well as having a national music school, holds a carnival every year where locals take to the streets dressed in animalistic costumes. Using bells and a type of bagpipes, they dance and play music to ward off evil spirits.

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