Go Caving in a Multilevel Labyrinth System on a Budapest Caving Tour

Budapest, Hungary

Looking for a caving adventure? Then check out the Budapest Caving Tour in Hungary. On this tour visitors will crawl and climb across the multilevel Pal-Volga-Mayas-Heyi labyrinth system that lies under the residential district of Budapest.

Go Caving in a Multilevel Labyrinth System on a Budapest Caving Tour

Take on a unique adventure exploring the caves of Budapest with Budapest Caving Tour and share this wonderful opportunity with friends or families ages 10 and up and get to see underground beauty that is Pal-Volga-Mayas-Heyi labyrinth. Having this magnificent tour with less than 20 others, you will surely enjoy the tour not being too crowded.

Budapest Caving Tour is a thrilling experience of crawling and caving across multilevel labyrinth system situated under central Budapest. With equipment provided, you don’t have to bring anything else with you besides your cross trainer shoes, food, and drinks. This tour lasts about 3 hours and 30 minutes giving you much time to explore all the must-see’s and must-do’s of this caving adventure. Get to crawl, climb, scramble or creep during the tour and even without caving experience. With a professional and friendly guide, it makes Budapest Caving Tour even more memorable experience in Hungary.

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