Go Kayaking Around Mykonos

A kayaking adventure through Mykonos is a great way to experience the beauty of Greece in a way that soothes the mind and soul and allows you to harmonize with nature in an eco-friendly way.

Mykonos Kayak
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A Mykonos kayak adventure will take you on a journey around the island, but you aren’t restricted to your kayak.
As you explore the waters, you will have many opportunities to dock the kayak and take a hike, try out some snorkeling, or kick back on remote beaches. During the trip, there are many areas that are worth checking out and photographing, such as the island of Bau, Little Venice, and The Windmills

Since kayaking isn’t a highly physical sport, almost anyone can enjoy it, and you can choose how long to rest during one of your stops, or how many hours to spend on the water. The benefits of kayaking, both physical and mental, make it an activity the whole family can enjoy!
If you’ve never kayaked before Mykonos Kayak offers lessons and kayaking packages suited to your needs.

During the trip, you have the possibility of getting up close and personal with land and sea creatures such as dolphins and crocodile lizards. Of course, to protect the habitat of wildlife around Mykonos, it’s important that you maintain your distance and make it a point not to disturb their ecosystems.

If you’re planning a trip to Mykonos, a kayaking adventure is a great way to create lasting memories. To read about other people’s experiences, visit the Mykonos Kayak Facebook page.

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