Head to Kenya to See Africa’s “Big Five”


Kenya is known as the home of Africa’s “Big Five” in the animal kingdom … read more to find out who the big five are, and what to expect when you visit this great, wild community.

Head to Kenya to See Africa's "Big Five"


A wide array of habitats make Kenya a perfect place for many species to co-habitate. Imagine all the different aquatic animals that you can find dwelling within the lakes and rivers, or who is hiding within the lush forests or deep,dark caves. The wide open savanna and alpine meadows create a perfect backdrop for all kinds of wildlife.


A visit to Kenya allows you to become one with the land, and it give you the opportunity to view each animal in its own habitat. Only in freedom will you experience an animal’s natural behaviour – you can’t get this experience in a zoo. About 48 national parks make up the protected land where these beautiful creatures live, guaranteeing their safety and existence for years to come.

So who are the “Big Five”?












(What? No giraffes?)

Okay – you’ll see giraffes , too!


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