Israel’s Wine Routes

As the oldest manufacturer of wine in the world, Israel’s wineries can offer education in the art of wine making, and a step back into its history.


Israel's Wine Routes


Winemaking in Israel goes back over 2000 years before wine was even introduced to Europe. Wine presses and barrels have been discovered during excavations of the land, and the grape was often honoured as a revered symbol on currency and pottery. Over the past years, the art of winemaking has been improved and perfected to provide the quality wines that we are familiar with today. The implementation of new equipment and knowledge has created a basis for the surge of wineries that have opened up within the last 10 years.


Israel caters to both commercial and retail customers. With over 150 locations to buy wine, and nearly 30 wholesalers, it’s east to see that this small country is big on wine. Over 9500 acres of vineyards supply the 175-million-dollar winemaking industry, and the exports to Europe and the Americas.


There are 5 regions in Israel that are official producers of wine.

  • Galilee-Golan
  • Judean Hills
  • Negev
  • Samson
  • Shomron

Each of these areas have the perfect conditions for the cultivation of grapes in many different varieties.

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