Join in the Papuk European Geopark Week in Croatia


Each year, European Geoparks celebrate Geopark Week to raise public awareness about preserving the geological heritage of the area. There are many entertaining activities throughout the week.

Join in the Papuk European Geopark Week in Croatia

It’s all about awareness, really, but the activities that take place during the week through the end of May to early June make the trip to Papuk Geopark in Croatia worth the effort.

What is a Geopark, you might ask?

When an area shows great potential for geological heritage, it becomes protected and a program for sustainable economical development and education takes place. This benefits the community, as a whole. So, you can see how taking part in this event can become more than just a vacation – it’s a vacation that allows you to make a difference.

While exploring the park, you’ll want to pay close attention to the historical heritage of the area. To this day, you can still see influences of the antique and medieval ages through structures and equipment left behind by their creators long ago.

The park is quite diverse and supports several habitats such as the grasslands, woodlands, lakes and streams, and even underground habitats. Each one is home to a variety of wildlife species, so keep your camera ready for great photo opportunities.


So what else is there to do during Geoparks Week?

Aside from guided tours, you can expect to see entertaining variety shows, public forums, bicycle races, and more. You ca also take on one of the parks usual activities like horseback riding and paragliding.

Papuk Geopark offers the best opportunity for you to get in touch with nature.

For more information, visit the Papuk official website.


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