Took a trip up to the low jungles with the Tropical Medicine Faculty. After spending time in the hospital we took a day off to explore.

Land, Water, and Sky: See the Animals of Peru


For some serious animal-watching, consider the jungles and waters of Peru, where wildlife has been respected and man has lived in parallel with animals for thousands of years.

Land, Water, and Sky: See the Animals of Peru

Land, water, and sky. Each habitat offers a nearly endless spectrum of the wildlife that has been native to Peru since before ancient civilizations came about. You can see them in Peruvian artifacts, where birds, marine animals, and mammals are etched into pottery and pictures, and honoured as a source of food and clothing.

To this day, many species are still being discovered around Peruvian territories, which add to an already staggering list of known creatures.


Land: Primates

Wildlife that takes to the ground is – in no way – limited to primates, but with at least 32 different species, they certainly make up a large percentage of land mammals.

Look to the trees and keep your eyes peeled for Capuchins, Marmosets, Spider Monkeys, and Tamarins.


Marine Animals

There are roughly 35 species of marine animals in Peru. From several species of dolphin, to Orca, Seals, and Otters, the waters of Peru are a perfect place to discover marine life.



The rough total of bird species in Peru estimates more than 1875 species. From the national bird of Peru, which is the Andean Cock-of-the-rock, to the ancient Tinamous and Penguins, Albatross, and the brightly-coloured Flamingo, you don’t have to look too hard to find beauty in the skies of Peru.


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