Mergouza Sand Baths: the Cure for What Ails You

If you’re looking for a dug-free option to deal with your pain, you could benefit from a sand bath in Morocco. Using nature’s finest elements, the sand baths are successful at reducing many forms of pain.

Mergouza Sand Baths: the Cure for What Ails You

The most common treatments for several ailments employ the use of water as a key element, but a second option is quickly becoming popular – sand baths.

What is a sand bath?

It’s exactly how it sounds …

By immersing the body into the hot sands of a desert, the heat quickly goes to work to reduce inflammation and pain due to rheumatism, back pain, circulation problems, and any other pain associated with muscular-skeletal disorders. It is, however, recommended that you check with your doctor before taking a sand bath if you suffer from heart problems and diabetes. Since the summer heat is necessary for a successful sand bath, the treatments are carried out only through July and August.


How does it work?

When you arrive at the dunes of Mergouza, an impression is dug out of the sand. You lie within this depression and the sand is then scooped over you in a thick layer, covering the entire body up to the chin. As the sun beats down on the sand, it raises the temperature of the sand, soon enveloping you in soothing heat. You’ll want to make certain you’ve brought a good pair of sunglasses and a hat to shield your head and face from the sun. As you relax, you are given water to drink at regular intervals. Your sand bath can last from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the severity of your condition.


While Mergouza is only a small village in Morocco, it’s the place you want to be if you’re looking to treat your pain.

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