Porcón Farm Offers Knowledge and Cullture

Cajamarca, Peru

Farming is a tough job, and it’s no different in the community of Cajamarca´s northern highlands, where an agriculture initiative is in place. Get involved – learn how it’s done and build lasting memories and relationships with the farmers while you do!

Porcón Farm Offers Knowledge and Cullture

The Porcón Farm, also known as the Atahualpa Jerusalén Cooperative, has been in existence since 1535 and offers tourists an opportunity to work and socialize with local farmers while learning important agricultural facts and taking in the culture of Peru. 12 thousand hectares of land is reserved to promote forestry and animal husbandry in an environmentally friendly manner.

Visitors to the farm can get involved in the sowing and harvesting of crops, learn about seed selection and how to prepare soil for successful growth. The farm animals on property allow you to try your hand at milking a cow or, if you’re lucky, assist in the birth of a calf!


The plant nursery is a great place to learn about the crucial first stage of a seedlings life, or take a walk through the pine rehabilitation area, where trees are grown, repaired, and managed.

It’s not all work and no play at Porcón Farm, though … the area is perfect for leisurely country strolls, or for kicking back in a wooded area just to listen to the sounds of the forest. If you visit at the appropriate times, you can even take place in local festivals and celebrations that are held throughout the year!


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