Porto Santo: Portugal’s Diamond in the Rough

Porto Santo, 30, Portugal

Where can you find sandy beaches, engaging sports, and an interesting history? The island of Porto Santo in Portugal!

Porto Santo: Portugal's Diamond in the Rough

The island of Porto Santo is essentially one long beach of soft white sands. Like any other beach, it’s a great place to lay in the sun and relax with the sounds of the crystal ocean waves and the breeze in your hair, but that’s not all you can do on this little Portuguese gem of land.
For a truly restorative vacation, bury yourself in the warm volcanic sands, which are said to help reduce pain from arthritis and other medical problems. A few hours in the sand will leave you revitalized and eager to try out some of the island’s other popular activities.
Sports are popular in Porto Santo, and you can spend an afternoon diving, para-sailing, or surfing. There is also a top-notch gold course if you want to hit the green for a day. Exploration of the island is always an adventure and you can rent a jeep or bike to get you around while you discover all the interesting places and wilder regions of Porto Santo. The rugged terrain makes hiking a pleasure, and for the equestrian, horseback riding is also available.
There are several local restaurants to choose from, and many of those even offer transportation! They’ll come and get you to deliver you at the restaurant, no matter where you are.
Regardless of what activities you choose to partake in during your visit, make a point of learning a little about the island’s intriguing history, from the great rabbit scourge to the threats of the Barbary Coast Pirates.

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