Revive Yourself at the Naftalan Wellness Centre in Croatia

Ivanic Grad, Croatia

The Naftalan Health Resort offers healing treatments for skin conditions and rheumatism, but also has an amazing wellness spa designed to relax and rejuvenate you.

Revive Yourself at the Naftalan Wellness Centre in Croatia

Offering several specifically designed packages to cater to your needs, the Naftalan Spa & Wellness Centre is the perfect getaway to reduce stress levels and get the most relaxation out of your vacation.

Among the treatments available, you can opt for whole body, connective tissue,  or underwater massage, relax in one of the saunas, pools, or whirlpools, or take advantage of the fitness area to burn off some stubborn pounds.


There are also a variety of oil and cosmetic treatments to heal the outside of the body, eliminating a tired, dull appearance.


Most of the programs offered at the Naftalan Wellness Centre are for weekend trips, but you’re welcome to stay as long as you like!

The Naftalan Wellness Centre can be found at:

Special Hospital for Skin and Rheumatic Diseases
Omladinska 23a
10310 Ivanić Grad
Telephone+385 (0)1 2834 555

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