Ride a Boat Down the Duoro River Valley

Douro, 10, Portugal

The beautiful lands of Portugal are second only to the sparkling waters of many rivers and lakes. The Douro River offers a pleasant afternoon of sailing and exploration.

Ride a Boat Down the Duoro River Valley

The River Douro, which is the third longest river in the Iberian Peninsula at nearly 900 kilometres, spans from Spain to Porto and, over time, has created the stunning Douro River Valley. Once a means of transporting wines to Vila Nova Gaia, dams were built in the mid-1900’s that effectively stopped the transport along the river.


To visit the Douro River Valley is experiential. As you follow the river through small towns and villages, it isn’t difficult to get caught up in the history and culture of the land and its people. In abundance are livestock like sheep, and the traditional foods and authentic port wines of the region. The vineyards are particularly breathtaking.


The Douro River Valley has become a tourist hotspot in recent years, and river excursions are led by many operators to give visitors an uninhibited view of the area.

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