Ride the Rails in 19th-Century Style Aboard Tunisia’s Red Lizard Train


To get a feel of Tunisia’s history the way it happened back in the 19th Century, there’s no better way than to board this antique train for a tour of the old land.

Ride the Rails in 19th-Century Style Aboard Tunisia's Red Lizard Train

Closing the distance between Metlaoui and Redeyef is a track, built in the early 1900’s, that takes you on a 45 minute, round-trip journey aboard an antique passenger train to see some of the areas of Tunisia not accessible by foot. The train runs the distance between the Saharan Atlas mountains and was once used in the transportation of the phosphate deposits from the mines. Only aboard this rustic vehicle can you see the Selja gorges.

While you may see a lot of rock on the journey, there really is much more. After you leave Meltaoui, you will traverse across a desert of stone, over bridges, through tunnels in the mountains, and by beautiful mountain springs and breathtaking gorges before reaching the final destination in a lush green section of Redeyef. Along the trip, there will be moments where the train stops allowing you to jump off for some perfect photography opportunities.


The Red Lizard Train leaves the Meltaoui station daily (except on Saturdays) at 10:00 AM.



Make sure to pack water for the trip and get in line early to make sure you get a seat – some tourists will be left standing for the journey.


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