See Djerba – the Jewel of the Mediterranean

Aptly labelled the “Jewel of the Mediterranean”, Djerba’s aquamarine waters literally sparkle like diamonds in the sun. This hidden gem may just be the getaway you’ve been looking for.

Diamond of the Sea

The island of Djerba has a history that traces back to the 4th century, and its architecture has been influenced by Italy and Spain. Since it is still relatively unknown, there isn’t an abundance of tourists occupying the island at any given time, which means rest and relaxation on the peaceful and beautiful sandy beaches for you.

shelters on the beach

Of course, a vacation in Djerba isn’t limited to the beaches, though you’ll have a hard time leaving them.

  • There are markets where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs like pottery, bedouin silver jewellery, silks, and clothing.
  • If you have a culinary side, you’ll be interested in the spice palettes with the Mediterranean flavours.
  • Rent a bicycle and take a ride through the villages to admire the tranquility of the island.
  • Try a turkish bath.
  • See the museum in Houmt Souk.
  • Visit the Mediterranean’s largest crocodile farm.
  • Take a trip to the Ras Rmel peninsula and photogrpah the colourful flamingoes.
  • Head to Borj Djillidj to watch the fishermen catching octopus in their clay pots, and stick around for the incredible sunset.

1363693809_large sunrise over the Serengeti

While visiting Djerba, you’ll want to try out the local fare. Expect to be served many varieties of seafoods and lamb, which are staples for the people there. It is advised that you do not drink the tap water – bottled water is available almost anywhere.


If you are looking for accommodations, there is a wide array of options to choose from based on your budget, such as hotels, hostels, and spas.


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