See the Athens Coastline from the Tram

Athens, Greece has no short supply of public transportation, but if you don’t have anywhere in particular to be, then a ride along the coast on the tram is a great way to see the beauty of Greece while getting around.

See the Athens Coastline from the Tram

If you want to get anywhere in Athens, then you can certainly get there by bus or metro, but if you want to see Athens, then hop on the tram for a ride along the coastline. The route starts at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliro, and ends at the Asklipieio Hospital in Voula before tracking back.

Perfect for summertime transportation, the tram will bring you to the beautiful beaches of Athens, such as Alimos, Floisvos, or Agio Kosmas. Hop off the tram and spend a day in the sun.

There are about 30 stops along the route, and you can hop off any time to hit a cafe at Trocadero, or walk along the marinas. There are often events happening, such as sailboat races or sporting events, or enjoy an afternoon at Glyfada Square for some shopping


Taking the tram has other advantages, as well:

  • The tram is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.
  • Trams are easily accessible for the disabled.
  • Trams allow you to bring your pet on-board.

The view from the tram, alone, is often well worth the trip. As you ride in comfort, you can see the wonders of Greece unfolding before you.

Click here to see the tram route, get the schedule, and see the rates.

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