See the Mystery of the Nazca Lines

Nazca, Peru

Adventure is never far away in Peru! See the Nazca Lines and take in the mystery of these ancient designs.

See the Mystery of the Nazca Lines

Nestled between the towns of Palpa and Nazca in Peru is an 80 kilometre plateau that holds an ancient mystery. Carvings in the stone – or geoglyphs – have baffled science since the they were first discovered. It is believed that the lines were created at some point between the 5th and 7th century.

The Dog

The drawings are quite diverse, portraying many species of animal from monkeys to fish, flowers and trees, and simple lines and geometric shapes.

While the significance of the lines remain unknown, it is assumed that they either have a religious purpose or they were created to function as an astronomical calendar marking the solar phases. Of course, there is also speculation that aliens were somehow involved.

The Hummingbird

So what, exactly, makes these drawings so unusual?

With the largest of them having a length of about 300 meters, you need to be elevated to a height of around 1500 meters just to be able to see them in their entirety. Many of the lines can be viewed from the nearby foothills, but without the ability to hover a great distance over their work, the creators had to etch these drawings in their perfection without being able to see them as a whole … an amazing accomplishment.

The Monkey

The area was designated an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994 and continues to be a popular destination for adventurers worldwide. Visitors are encouraged to discover this wonder for themselves, but the drawings are shallow and fragile, so great care when in the area is requested.

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