See the Royal Palace in Madrid

Charles III was the man behind the décor in this 19th century palace. While it is officially used by the royal family for state ceremonies, it is open to the public for tours and worth the visit when you’re in Madrid.

See the Royal Palace in Madrid

The sites

There are many things within, and without, the palace for tourists to see.


  • Get an up-close view of the graceful iron fence that protects the palace
  • See the large courtyard with a beautiful view of the untainted countryside
  • Study the 19th century handwork that went into building the palace


  • Visit the splendid halls, including the Hall of Columns – the very place the treaty for Spain’s acceptance into the European Union was signed in 1985
  • See the royally gilded throne room where the King and Queen sit
  • Take a look at the armory for a display of the many suits of armor and weaponry employed by Spain over the centuries
  • Imagine dining like royalty in the lavish banquet hall
  • See the tasteful art exhibition
  • You can also visit the residential areas

Tour options

You have the choice of taking the guided tour, which offers you a detailed account of the palace’s many features, or you can opt for a normal tour, which is only slightly less expensive, but allows you to roam around at your own pace.
The guided tour can last up to an hour, so make sure you time yourself accordingly. Prepare for a lineup to enter … the number of visitors can vary greatly from one day to the next.

Important information

Palace of Madrid Official Website (Spanish)

October – March
Mondays – Saturdays: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sundays (and holidays): 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
April – September
Monday – Sundays (inc. holidays): 10:00 – 8:00 PM


Guided tour: €10.00
Normal tour: €8.00
Children under 5: FREE
Students, seniors, handicapped: €3.50

Things you should know

Prepare for a lineup to enter … the number of visitors can vary greatly from one day to the next.

Flash photography is not permitted, so make sure to turn that function off on your camera.

For the quickest route, arrange to take the train to the opera house, which is only a 5 minute walk to the palace.

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