Sidi Bou Said: The little town with a lot to discover

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday overseas, Sidi Bou Said is just what you need … read more to find out why!

Sidi Bou Said: The little town with a lot to discover

Sidi Bou Said, renamed from its original title of Jabal el-Menar after the death of the Muslim religious figure Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji, is a small village in Northern Tunisia. It is famed for the monochromatic use of white and blue colours on every building, but also for the artists who have lived there - Saro Lo Turco, Gustave-Henri Jossot, Louis Moillet, and more.

While the town is not very big, there are markets and shops and a souk that runs all year long. You can buy necessities and gifts or souvenirs at most of the shops on the main street. It is traditional to haggle for the price of an item, so try to avoid paying the full set price.

There are also cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch, but be mindful of purchasing wines … it is not unusual for a waiter to charge you a phenomenal price if you aren’t familiar with their set costs.

Aside from the shopping and the eating, Sid Bou Said is a particularly peaceful village, so you won’t find adrenalin-producing events or hair-raising adventures, but if you take the time to relax, you can fully appreciate the beauty that is Sidi Bou Said. With many homes and buildings decked out in vines and flowers and a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, this little town near Tunis is the perfect place to find peace.


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