Spelunking Bulgaria: The Great Caves

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has many incredible places to explore and some of its most amazing discoveries are found deep within the caves that have seen entire eras come and go.

Spelunking Bulgaria: The Great Caves

Bulgaria is home to some of the greatest caves accessible to tourists. Many of them have been developed so that vistors can enter and explore the caves safely, while others are best left to the skills of a veteran spelunker. Within some of the caves, there is evidence of prehistoric life – the art  left behind by ancient cave dwellers, such as the display seen on the walls of the Magura Cave.

Aside from the Magura Cave, which lies just north-west of the village of Rabisha, there are several other notables caves that are worth seeing.

Bacho Kiro

The Bacho Kiro cave sits west of Dryanovo and the river flows through it, which – over time – created the many tunnels throughout. The cave is revered for its amazing formation of stalactones, stalactites, and stalagmites. This cave is managed for tourism.


This cave by the village of Devetaki is the only one where evidence has proven its use by humans through every era as far back as 70,000 years BC. It is also recognized by the 7 large holes carved through the cave ceiling, which allow sunlight in to illuminate the cave.


The Ledenika cave is nearby the town of Vrsata. Within it is a small lake that legend states possesses the power to grant one’s desire by simply placing a hand in the water. There is also a tunnel, called the “Passage of Sinners”, that allows only the purest of heart to pass through. While these ancient myths may or may not be true, the cave still has a lot of appeal. Impressive stalactites and stalagmites have been formed over thousands of years and flowings waters have dug out the many grand halls inside.

These are only a few of the many caves ready for exploration and adventure. While you’re in Bulgaria, make a point of visiting some of its other notable caves:

  • Devil’s Throat can be found in the western Rhodope mountain range. Legend has it that Orpheus travelled through this cave on the way to Hades to save his love – Euridice. (see the video clip, below)
  • Yagodinska sits near the village of Yagodina. The halls of the cave area  popular spot for wedding ceremonies to take palce.
  • The village of Trigrad hosts the Haramiyska cave, which contains many treachorous precipices and drop-offs. Some skill in cave dwelling is recommended before tackling this one.
  • Orlova Chuka is situated near the village of Pepelina. It was discovered in 1941, and in 1959, the cave was developed with stairs and artificial tunnels, but it still retains most of its natural mystery.

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