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Hungary’s Pride: The Csabai Sausage Festival

Take some sausage, add a little ingenuity and flare, tie it in with some great wine, and you have the best darn festival in Hungary! The Hungarian Csabai Sausage Festival began in 1997 and has become a delicious annual tradition well-revered as one of the most significant festivals in Hungary. Every year, the crowds get

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Pálinka: The Spirit of Hungary

Where can you go to have the complete Hungarian experience of enjoying Pálinka? We have a few suggestions … Pálinka is a brandy produced from fruits that are grown and manufactured for this purpose in Hungary (more specifically – the Carpathian Basin) . If the fruits are imported, it’s not truly pálinka. The brandy can have have an alcohol

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Top 5 Castles of Hungary

Hungary is home to roughly a hundred castles, including castle ruins, so unless you plan to make several visits, you’re unlikely to see them all. If you have to pick only a few, here are 5 castles we think are worth the trip. Castle of Eger This is actually the second castle, as the first

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