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Israel’s Wine Routes

As the oldest manufacturer of wine in the world, Israel’s wineries can offer education in the art of wine making, and a step back into its history.     Winemaking in Israel goes back over 2000 years before wine was even introduced to Europe. Wine presses and barrels have been discovered during excavations of the

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Staying Safe While Visiting Israel

The media has managed to paint Israel in a negative light in terms of tourism, but with the proper safety precautions, you can enjoy a visit to Israel without the worry. Travelling to Israel is an experience that everyone should take advantage of at least once in their lifetime. The culture, history, and attractions have

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Getting Around Israel: A Transportation Guide

When visiting Israel, you will no doubt be faced with the dilemma of which mode of transportation to choose. This handy guide will help you decide. There are 4 modes of public transportation in Israel: Car Rentals Taxis Railways Buses Car Rentals If you plan to rent a car in Israel, it’s best to plan

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