Taste Africa at The Carnivore Nairobi

For traditional African fare, there are many places in Kenya you can go to, but if you crave the umami deliciousness of good old-fashioned meat, then there’s no better place than The Carnivore.

Taste Africa at The Carnivore Nairobi

Obviously named for its specialties, The Carnivore specializes in roasted and grilled meats from the lamb and beef we’re familiar with, to the African delicacies of crocodile and ostrich.
Don’t expect to be handed a menu at The Carnivore – the menu is fixed and served to all with appetizer courses, and entree, and dessert. One of the things that makes The Carnivore unique are the carvers who move from one table to the next, slicing off generous portions of meat right from the Masai swords they were roasted on.


Just a warning – your plate will continuously be refilled if you don’t lower your white flag, which signals that dinner for your table is over. Once you surrender, you receive dessert so remember that while you’re eating the entree.

The Carnivore goes all out on the atmosphere that has a rustic, yet medieval ambiance.
To make reservations, you can call 020 6005933-7 or send an email to reservations.carnivore@tamarind.co.ke

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