The 8 Wonders of Morocco


UNESCO World Heritage has granted status to 8 of Morocco’s amazing sites. Make sure to add these destinations to your next travel itinerary!

The 8 Wonders of Morocco


Morocco is a land with much to be appreciated, and UNESCO has awarded World Heritage status to 8 of the country’s most extraordinary places.


Medina of Tétouan

A combination of Andalusian and Arab influences, the city is alive with locals who sell their wares that have been created in authentic Moroccan style. The architecture of the city, itself, has managed to overcome modern intrusion and remains traditional and cultured.



A visit to Meknès provides a lot to discover. Within this city, you can find many great sights to see such as the Dar El Makhzen Palace, Lahboul Gardens, The Grand Mosque, Bab Mansour Gate, the palace of Dar El Beida, and many more.



This Roman colonial town was essentially buried ruins until it was discovered in the late 1800’s. After unearthing buildings and artifacts, many of the structures were restored and remain well preserved to this day.


The Medina in Fez

The “Mecca of the West”, Fez stands today as the second largest city in Morocco. One of the things that make it so extraordinary is that it is completely a pedestrian zone – you won’t find vehicles rolling along the streets of Fez.



The interchanging of Moroccan culture and European ideals have created a fortified city that is rich in the Portuguese knowledge of construction. This city is also known as “El Jadida” and is home to valuable places like the cistern, and the Manueline Church of the Assumption


Essaouira Medina

The walls of this city are a great example of 18th-century fortification. There is an abundance of the old arts at work in Essaouira and vendors sell their craft in the market areas.


Place Jemaa el Fna

In the old city of Marrakesh you can find this square and the mosque that accompanies it. There are vendors all around, but you will also be delighted by the traditional arts of  music, storytelling, and live performances.


Aït Benhaddou

The population within this fortified city has dwindled to a few families, as people have left the crumbling architecture for more modern housing across the river, but it is still a popular tourist spot and home of several Kasbahs. It has also been the focal point for many films such as “The Mummy (1999)”, “Gladiator (2000)”, and “Prince of Persia (2010)”.


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