The Secret Gardens of Morocco


Morocco holds many secrets for those who wish to dig deeper into the heart of the land … one of these wonderful secrets is the gardens of Morocco, which you need to visit to appreciate.

The Secret Gardens of Morocco

One of the things that makes the gardens of Morocco so enchanting is the effort put into maintaining the natural elements of the land while displaying the gardens in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. By creating a perfect balance between wildlife and the lush foliage of the land and the addition of man-made gardens and structures, the area is captured in a wondrous harmony of man-meets-earth.

Rabat: The Andalusian Gardens

If you visit the Palace Museum in Rabat, you will be able to see the charming landscape that surrounds the area – the Andalusian Gardens. Within the garden, you can see varieties of flowers, shrubs, and even fruit-bearing trees.

Ouarzazate: The Skoura Palm Groves

Shaded in the protective canopy of tall palms, the Skoura Palm Groves have roads that you can follow from one village to the next. During your walk, you will encounter several varieties of fruit and nut trees, vegetable gardens, and perhaps even some goats and sheep.

Tangier: Mendoubia Gardens

Behind an elegantly engraved archway sits the beautiful Mendoubia Gardens. Within the garden, you will see the legendary Banyan Tree that is said to be older than 800 years surrounded by the younger, but no less significant dragon and fig trees. A step into history brings you to a display of 17th century bronzed canons from Mediterranean fleets.

Marrakech: Majorelle Garden

The blue structures and pergola in this garden offer a bold contrast to the natural green of the foliage surrounding them. The land is lush with greenery and many varieties of cacti, and it is home to several species of bird that are native to the area.

Marrakech: Menara Garden

These 12th century gardens were named after the green-pyramid roofed pavilion that wasn’t built until the 16th century. The man-made basin is a lovely addition, but also directs much-needed water to the olive groves and orchards that grow there.


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