Top 5 Castles of Hungary

Sumeg, Hungary

Hungary is home to roughly a hundred castles, including castle ruins, so unless you plan to make several visits, you’re unlikely to see them all. If you have to pick only a few, here are 5 castles we think are worth the trip.

Top 5 Castles of Hungary

Castle of Eger

This is actually the second castle, as the first was destroyed in the 1241 Mongol invasion. The new design proved efficient when the Turkish army of 40 thousand soldiers attacked in the mid 1500’s. With only about 4,300 guards to defend it, the castle was impenetrable and the Turkish lost the battle. A second attack in 1596, however, showed the Turks much improved on their attack plans that won them the battle.



Sümeg Castle

This castle has been expanded upon and fortified since its creation in the late 1200’s. Even though it has suffered 2 fires and many attacks in its time, it has been repaired and is used, to this day, as a tourist attraction and a hall for festivals, tournaments, and events.




Known as the castle in which King Charles I of Hungary settled in, it is also the location where the peace treaty was created between Hungary and Poland in 1335. Over 600 years later, the castle was again revisited by officials of Hungary and Poland to hold forum of that treaty with the addition of Czechoslovakia.


Buda Castle

In 1686, the original medieval-style castle was destroyed during the Battle of Buda. Due to its level of damage, it could not be repaired, so it was torn down and a new castle built in 1715. Not 10 years later, a fire damaged the castle, leaving it in a partially ruined state until 1748, when an appeal to repair and complete it was set in motion. Since 1948, it has undergone extensive restoration and reconstruction.


Vajdahunyad Castle

Unlike the other castles, this is not from a Gothic or medieval time period, having been built in 1896. It was created to commemorate the thousand years since the Hungarian Conquest and was styled using the architectural styles of the Renaissance period, Rome, Baroque, and Gothic



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