Trekking across the Mecsek Mountain

Budapest, Hungary

Climbing up mountains can require high levels of stamina, but the Mecsek mountain is long, rather than high, and offers all the experience of a mountain climb, with far less physical exertion.

Trekking across the Mecsek Mountain

In the Southwestern area of Hungary sits the largest mountain in its quarter – the Mecsek. At 682 metres, its not the highest mountain, but it is arguably one of the most popular spots for hiking.

About 500 square km of mountain are covered in dense mountain ranges and plateaus that offer an intriguing view of the rock folds and glitter of crystalline elements within them. When trekking over the limestone plateau in the western section, keep your eyes open for evidence of a Karst system – caves and sinkholes are generally easy to find.

The view from the highest point of the mountain – which is the Zengő peak – may not be as breathtaking as one might hope, given that for miles and miles, you see practically nothing but lush forest. The real experience is the hike.


Surrounded by the impressive height of the trees and protected under the canopy of the forest ceiling, you can plan for a leisurely journey across the mountain. Watch out for the local fauna, particularly from the rodent family.

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