Turkey’s Bazaars – More Than Just a Market


Turkey is a well-known tourist attraction for those seeking culture and adventure, but shopping is often overlooked. Make sure you stop by one of these shopping areas to complete your Turkish vacation experience.

Turkey's Bazaars - More Than Just a Market

The Silk Road leads to many treasures, for it leads to the shopping centre where you can find food, clothing, and souvenirs of all sorts. It is within Turkey’s great bazaars, however, that you will find shopping and cultural rolled into one tidy package.


The Grand Bazaar

Covering an area of 60 streets and housing about 5000 shops, the Grand Bazaar happens to be one of the largest (and oldest) covered bazaars in the world. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere! The shops are generally laid out by specialty – antiques, jewellery, ceramics, spices, etc., so you can generally find what you’re looking for in one shop without being overwhelmed with all the other products a store might carry. You can spend an entire day at the Grand Bazaar, stopping for lunch at one of the cafés within.

The Grand Bazaar is open from 9AM to 7PM every day except Sundays and on bank holidays.



The Spice Bazaar

Also known as the “Egyptian Bazaar”, this market was once specific to herbs, spices, medicinal plants and similar, but has extended its wares to include other items. If you are searching for specialty food items, however, this is the bazaar you want to visit, where you can purchase unique spices, herbs, natural sweets, and even aphrodisiacs. 86 shops are found within the bazaar which also has an outdoor grocer and plant market.

The Spice Bazaar is open from 9AM to 7PM every day except on bank or religious holidays, and on Sundays from 10AM to 6PM.



The Urfa Bazaar

An old-world experience awaits you at the Urfa Bazaar, for within its ancient walls is the busy exchange of wares in the traditional Turkish style. You can certainly find your modern electronics here, but the market is known for the cultural trades of rug-making, silks, tobaccos, and local foods of all sorts. This is not a place to visit to quickly pick up a few items – it could take you an entire day to navigate through the maze of aisles.


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