Turkey – The Other Holy Land


Turkey is not only known for having multi-cultural faiths, as is popular in many areas of the world, but for creating the ability to seamlessly harmonize its three prime religions in the land and in its people.

Turkey - The Other Holy Land

Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic – these are the three religions that have survived the past persecutions on diversity and have been a part of Turkey’s culture for over a thousand years. The adaptability of the Turkish people has created a civilization of respectful convergence among the religions.

A visit to Turkey can open any tourist’s eyes to the patient respect shown during the observation of any of these three main religions. To learn to understand the faith, there is no better place to go than to a land where each one is embraced.

Christianity is an obvious influence in Anatolia, which is said to be the last home of the Virgin Mary and Antioch, the birthplace of St. Paul’s Cave Church – the world’s first Christian cathedral.


Sanliurfa is the place people go to visit the cave where it is said the prophet Job spent seven years recovering from illness. The story claims it was the water in a well within the cave who ultimately healed him. Judaism is not one of Turkey’s newer religions, having been a part of the country for thousands of years, and a refuge for Jews escaping Jerusalem after the Temple fell. The Necropolis is a popular tourist attraction.


The Islamic community in Turkey has a great strength – it is the resting place of the holy relics of the Prophet Mohammed. In Topkapi Palace, the Pavilion of the Holy Mantle is a protected place where Mohammed’s mantle, footprint, bow, and even a section of his beard are held in great reverence.


A tour throughout Turkey will introduce you to many wonders of the religious world and show how three differing views can come together in a mutual respect. It is a journey of wonder, awe and, most of all, it is a journey of enlightenment.


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