Turtle Watching on Bahía Tortuga Beach

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Bahía Tortuga beach is located in the Galapagos Islands and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It’s also a perfect destination to watch the great sea turtles in action.

Bahía Tortuga, also known as “Turtle Bay”, has a sandy-white beach that stretches almost a kilometre in length. The blue waters are inviting, but swimming comes with a warning, as the sea currents are very strong, and there are no lifeguards watching the beach. Mostly, though, people don’t come for water activities – they come for the local marine and wildlife.

Bahía Tortuga Beach​

The beach is accessible through a paved path that takes about 45 minutes to walk. You will need to sign in at the national park guard house before you are permitted to take the path. There are no concession stands on the beach, so you may want to bring along some water and a snack. Tossing your litter on the ground is a serious offence though, so make sure you have a bag to carry it in until you get to a waste receptacle.

When you reach the beach, it shouldn’t be difficult to spot the sea turtles, especially during their laying season between November and February. Another common sight are the iguanas, which have no reservations about running across your path, so please watch your step. If you head to the western side of the beach, you can even spot brightly coloured flamingos and brown pelicans.

Bahía Tortuga Beach

As a protected area, it is vital that you do not interfere with the animals or surrounding foliage. Touching or feeding the animals is prohibited.

Bahía Tortuga Beach


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